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When it comes to couple style, Justin and Hailey Bieber are a tough pair to beat. The two stars are masters of outfit coordination à la J-Rod, and use the streets of New York City as their personal runway. Often, their twinning looks are heavy on streetwear and athleisure. But now, the married couple appears to be switching things up.

Today in Manhattan, the duo ditched their complementary style entirely, instead opting for two very different get-ups. Leading the way, Hailey went for a sleek black and white ensemble: a black, sharp-shouldered topcoat with a breezier white polo neck dress underneath. Her large sunnies and slouchy, patent over-the-knee boots were a nice touch. Justin went casual and heavy on the colour in a neon green hoodie with a bright orange baseball cap, from his own label, Drew House. He toned the ensemble down with neutral tracksuit bottoms and a pair of cool Amiri bandana slip-ons.

So: Is this the end of Justin and Hailey’s matchy-matchy era? Unclear, though Hailey’s high-fashion aesthetic and Justin’s streetwear-loving spirit are still well and alive. Perhaps it’s the natural progression of married life, where they’re finding their strides both as individuals and as a couple and feel less of a need to copy each other. To stay in their own lanes, if you will. (Perhaps the newly engaged J-Rod will soon halt their coordination, as well.) Whatever the case may be, one thing remains clear: at least they still look good together.Hailey Baldwin Takes Beige Beyond The Basics

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